6 Jun 2016

SCA Automatic Car Battery Charger Review & Teardown

SCA Automatic Car Battery Charger

In this video I review an automatic car battery charger and measure how affective it’s 7 stage charge cycle is but monitoring it’s voltage and current.

*This is an unpaid, non-sponsored review*

Here’s another video where I do a quick teardown of the charger to see how it’s built and the quality of its components.

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About the Author:

Hardware and software engineer with experience in product development and building automation. Director at Cabot Technologies and Product Manager at NEX Data Management Systems.


  1. Peter

    Great review. Just helped to make up my mind and buy this charger. Good clear shots and zooming. All important aspects of product covered. Wish other common products in our shops are reviewed like this. Thanks.

  2. Douglas

    Anyway, 6 A battery charger, when the charging is not holding up to 6 Amps continuous output.

    • Hi Douglas,

      The charger delivers 6A continuous during the bulk charge stage (see around 5:40 in the first review video). The current is modulated during other stages.



  4. Terry

    Nice review, thank you for posting.

    Because it wasn’t clear from viewing the video, would you mind explaininvg how you hooked up each multimeter to read voltage and current e.g. voltmeter red +ve lead to xyz and black -ve lead to xyz. Ammeter red +ve lead to xyz; black -ve lead to xyz. L I’d like to similarily check my battery chargers but don’t want to risk damaging my meters or chargers through incorrect connections.

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