21 Mar 2018

Extech CO250 protocol details

Extech CO250 Title

Connection configuration 9600 baud, 8 databits, No parity, 1 stopbit. Example data Here are five packets of data from the device: $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C1116ppm:T26.3C:H52.4%:d15.8C:w19.3C31 $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C1119ppm:T26.3C:H52.3%:d15.8C:w19.3C2f $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C1115ppm:T26.3C:H52.6%:d15.8C:w19.3C30 $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C415ppm:T26.2C:H66.2%:d19.4C:w21.5C63 $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C413ppm:T26.2C:H66.1%:d19.3C:w21.4C68 Packet breakdown Let’s look at this packet: $CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBTf9 C1115ppm:T26.3C:H52.9%:d15.9C:w19.4C2b It can be broken down as follows: $ 0x24 start character CO2:Air:RH:DP:WBT description f9 line […]

10 Oct 2016

SCA 300W Power Inverter

SCA 300W Power Inverter Review

In this video we take a detailed look at the SCA 300W Power Inverter and review its performance in detail! I explain what a modified sine wave inverter is and how it’s different from a pure sine wave inverter, and it best applications in the field. * This product was provided to us by Supercheap […]

2 Oct 2016

Electronic Clock Kit Build

NFM EC1515A Clock Kit Build

In this video I build an electronic clock kit! I attempt to do it with a cheap USB soldering iron, but don’t last long before switching back to the Hakko. I also offer a few soldering tips and useful tools and gear. It’s a decent little clock with animated LEDs, time, date, temperature, and light […]

18 Jul 2016

Pico 228 LED Video Light Review & Teardown

Pico 228 LED Video Light

In this video I review and teardown a compact and very bright video and photography light. I have an upcoming video that shows colour temperature and brightness measurements and my overhead lighting configuration. *This is an unpaid, non-sponsored review* Further information eBay product page Workbench shelving video I reference (YouTube)  

6 Jun 2016

SCA Automatic Car Battery Charger Review & Teardown

SCA Automatic Car Battery Charger

In this video I review an automatic car battery charger and measure how affective it’s 7 stage charge cycle is but monitoring it’s voltage and current. *This is an unpaid, non-sponsored review* Here’s another video where I do a quick teardown of the charger to see how it’s built and the quality of its components. […]

25 May 2016

Facit NTK Mechanical Calculator, 1957

Facit NTK

In this video we look at the Facit NTK Mechanical Calculator from 1957! In this video we answer some questions from the last Facit NTK Mechanical Calculator video. I explain how the decimal place markers work and what happens when you divide by zero! Further information John Wolff’s excellent website User manual (PDF) I refer […]