16 Nov 2007

Pang / Buster Bros – Arcade game review

Pang arcade game

Here’s my video review of the arcade game Pang, a deceivingly simple, yet insanely addictive little platformer from the 80s.

Please note:

I’ve received a copyright notice from UMG about the music in my video, so this may be removed from YouTube soon… It seems they feel I’m ripping them off somehow, obviously I feel I’m helping to promote their music. Anyway, the blood sucking copyright lawyers need to feed their family, so I guess they’ll continue to attack the little guy like this.

Game details

GamePang / Buster Bros (US) / Pomping World (JP)
PublisherMitchell / Capcom
PlatformArcade (JAMMA PCB)
Score7 / 10

Further information

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