3 Feb 2011

Illustrator: Hagakure wallpaper

Hagakure by Darian Cabot

Hagakure iPhone wallpaperHere’s a Hagakure wallpaper I made after watching Ghost Dog (excellent movie).

I created the kamon symbol in Illustrator and put the wallpaper together in Photoshop.

This is the kamon featured on some publications of the Hagakure (a kamon is a Japanese family symbol, like a coat of arms) and on the cover of the Ghost Dog DVD.

I’ve tried to find what association this kamon has with Hagakure and it seems there isn’t one except a publisher though it looked cool on the cover of the book. This isn’t the kamon of Yamamoto Tsunetomo as far as I know, or his retainer Nabeshima Mitsushige (his looks very different). I’ve also seen it associated with bushido.

Anyway, see Ghost Dog and get the soundtrack by RZA. :-)
…and read the Hagakure if you dig ancient samurai wizdom (there are free PDF versions via Google).

I created three versions of the wallpaper all available for download from my deviantart gallery:

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