14 Oct 2010

IE9 is the IE6 of CSS3

If you’re anything like me when it comes to IE9 you’re viewing Microsoft’s hype with a measure of skepticism.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is both the most popular web browser and the biggest pain in the ass for us web developers.  When I first heard that Microsoft were making an effort to support the latest standards like CSS3 and HTML5 I was hopeful.  Then I saw the controversial Microsoft IE9 test results and prepared myself for disappointment.

Robert Biggs at CSS3 Wizardry fired up the latest IE9 beta for a quick an effective test of it’s CSS3 capabilities.  He compares IE9 with IE8, Firefox, and Chrome to see just how well it does… and he doesn’t pull his punches!

Read the article here: IE9 is the IE6 of CSS3 – CSS3 Wizardry and see the test results for yourself.

While IE9 is definitely headed in the right direction with it’s minimalist GUI and enhanced Windows integration, it looks like hacks and workarounds may still be part of the Internet Explorer experience.  IE9 is still being actively developed so we can only hope that Microsoft embraces CSS3 instead of their usual introverted approach to web standards.

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  1. Johan

    The link does not work anymore. Do you have any info about if the page has moved and if so where to?
    I couldn’t even find it in Googles cache.

    • I’m not sure where the article went. It looks like CSS Wizardry have deleted it?? Perhaps Microsoft is now an advertiser? 😛

      In there latest article they’ve changed their tune quite a bit!!


      Attention! IE9 will not destroy the world, kill babies, or take away your home or job.

      Simply put, IE9 is the best browser Microsoft has ever released. Has it caught up to Chrome, Firefox and Safari? No. But that doesn’t matter. It’s still light years ahead of any other version of IE. All of us should be praying every day for IE users to upgrade to it as soon as possible.

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