Development of the NEX DMS controller range including circuit design and schematics, PCB layout, part selection and BOM, prototyping and testing, management of fabrication, firmware development and testing.


  • 2012 Oct: DMS0010 Prototype: 24V supply, RS-485 bus.
  • 2012 Nov: DMS0020 Prototype: Switch mode power supply, RS-485 bus.
  • 2013 May: DMS0025: Through hole designed for wave soldering. ABS enclosure with indicators. MCU introduced.
  • 2013 Jun: DMS0026: Power management with automatic battery supply switch-over.
  • 2013 Aug: DMS0027: Refinements to power supply. First in-house production batch installed nation-wide.
  • 2014 Jun: DMS0028 R1: Move from through-hole to SMD. Fully isolated RS-485 bus. Improved enclosure overlay indication.
  • 2014 Jul: DMS0028 R2: PCB layout improvements.
  • 2015 Mar: DMS 300: Upgraded MCU, added binary outputs, added universal inputs (NTC/resistive, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA), improved power management.

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