2 Oct 2016

Electronic Clock Kit Build

NFM EC1515A Clock Kit Build

In this video I build an electronic clock kit! I attempt to do it with a cheap USB soldering iron, but don’t last long before switching back to the Hakko. I also offer a few soldering tips and useful tools and gear.

It’s a decent little clock with animated LEDs, time, date, temperature, and light sensor.

*This is an unpaid, non-sponsored review*

Schematic and PCB layout

These files were originally available from a Chinese Baidu website, but it was a bit hit-and-miss and Firefox had the domain marked for malware! I’ve since made these files available directly to make them more convenient to access:


Further information


NFM Near Far Media logo This video was release on the NearFarMedia YouTube channel.

About the Author:

Hardware and software engineer with experience in product development and building automation. Product Manager at NEX Data Management Systems, based out of Brisbane, Australia.


  1. David Reid

    Hey there I have the same kit ! Nice little unit indeed. Do you know of anyone being able to reprogram the chip via an Arduino to change the melodies perhaps?

  2. Bill Stacy

    Hello Darian, I built this clock with good results – all works just fine, but I am wondering if you know about the ‘P1’ as it should be a bluetooth enabled port. I noticed a build of an earlier module the EC1204 v1.2 that incorporated the HC-06 BT module with success and he also wrote a apk for it. Would you happen to know if there is an apk for this version as I would love to have it also in bluetooth mode. Thanks – good site, thanks for your help


  3. omp

    Hey, nice to see the newer version of this.

    I used the older version a few years ago and installed it into a 12A rotor from a Mazda rotary engine. Made a few LED changes and it, apart from “machining” the bearing face a tad, it fit straight in.

    Got my hands on another rotor again (RX8 13B) and will make another for work lol! But will use the newer design for sure as it is a lot simpler to do.

  4. F4EPU David

    Hi, I have made the same kit, any problems, it work well also!
    Thanks for your article.

    Best wishes, David

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